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Below are the formative activities
that Live Life is currently giving

Live Life Forum

This is a two-session encounter that discusses the truths of how we are as human persons, endowed with the gift of life. It reveals, likewise, the lies that Satan is trying to condition us to believe. These lies lead us to hopelessness, despair, and disregard for what is true, good and beautiful for ourselves and for others. This eventually leads the audience to claim that all of us are meant to live full and happy lives, as originally designed by God. It ends with encouraging the listeners to participate in restoring the culture of life by living life, defending life and witnessing life

Live Life Training

For those who have already attended the Live Life Forum, the training equips Live Life Volunteers to further the cause of faith, family, and life by deepening their understanding of the Gospel of Life.

Live Life Conference

Aims to re-ignite our hearts and to make us see that there is hope in this difficult situation. The world may be in darkness, but our Hope and our Light is Jesus. And as we continue to encounter Him, we will see how wonderful, vibrant and beautiful it is to be alive.

Live Life For Kids

A session that aims to teach kids the value of faith and family. This short forum is made for kids to see and realize that their family is a special gift, they are a gift to their families, and that Jesus is the ultimate role model. Indeed, no one is too young to know Christ and the value of their families.

Interested in the formation above?