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Family is an important component of the society and of the Church. It is the primary unit of communities, and it is the domestic Church. That is why in the Live Life Conference 2021, we wanted to highlight the family and how it can be a source of love and life to every individual, families, and communities.

The family is under constant attack by evil forces. The enemy wants the family to be cancelled and destroyed because it is a part of God’s plan of Salvation. In this conference, we offer to our audience/ participants these workshops to help them see the beauty of marriages and family life, and how we can develop a society that embraces the Culture of Life. Also, we share to them the realities of how the Culture of Death affects marriages and families, and how we can address it and proclaim the truth of having a Christ-centered family.

The workshops will be classified into two segments: The Culture of Life and the Culture of Death. In the Culture of Life segment, we want to highlight ways on how we can build up a strong family for Christ and empower everyone to embrace the Gospel of Life at home. As for the Culture of Death, we want to enlighten everyone the realities of this culture that opposes God’s way about families and marriages and offer to our participants ways on how to address it and be a light to everyone.


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In the Presence of God

Rev. Fr. James Mathew, CSC

A session that teaches us the importance of prayer time and how to be in the presence of God as a family.

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The Joy of Love in the Family

Rev. Fr. Ronald Quijano, SThD

A session geared to help us understand the beauty of the Church’s teachings and how we can live out the joy of love in our families.

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True Love in the Family: Caring and Journeying with Persons with Disability in the Family​

Bro. Jun & Sis. Cathy Cham

A session that will help us understand, value and accompany persons with disabilities and to promote awareness on how we can support them and their families.

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Raising the Next Pro-Life Generation

Bro. Roliet Deo Arellano

A session that will inspire the youth to promote and defend the beauty of faith, family and life in this modern time. 

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Raising the Next Pro-Life Generation

Rev. Fr. Jay Francis Flandez, SVD

A session that will help us to see the roles of OFWs in evangelization and how we can support them in this mission

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Marriage under Attack: Divorce and its Lies

Atty. Maria Concepcion S. Noche

A session that is designed to help us understand how divorce destroys families and how we can defend the sanctity of marriage.


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Abortion or Adoption: Valuing the Gift of Life

Ms. Rita Linda Dizon Dayrit

A session created to make us see the beauty and the gift of adoption and how abortion should never be an option in any circumstances. 

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Grandparents: Treasures Worthy to be Valued

Sis. Maribel Descallar

A session to help us see the value of life in all ages, and how we can support and love our grandparents in the midst of the ‘throw away’ culture.

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Definitely Worth It: The Beauty of Natural Family Planning

Bro. Demy & Sis. Sylvia Chavez

A session that discusses the stand of the Church regarding contraception and how natural family planning is the only choice for couples who wants to bring up their families in Christ.

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Truth in Love: Accompaniment of Persons with Same-sex Attraction inside the Family

Mr. Edwin Valles

A session created to help us accompany our brethren with same sex attraction, and to become advocates of true compassion that may help them to choose a life of holiness