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“The Gospel of life is at the heart of Jesus' message.
Lovingly received day after day by the church,
it is to be preached with dauntless fidelity as "good news"
to the people of every age and culture.”

Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), Pope John Paul II, 1



According to the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, “the first of the great challenges facing humanity today is that of the truth itself of the being who is man.” This crisis in identity and the crisis of a “No-God Culture,” have led us to a death in the understanding of the sacredness and inviolability of all human life. Thus we find a myriad of problems in relation to it: the rise of teen suicides, abortion, the contraceptive mentality, loss of the understanding of human dignity…etc.

Indeed, as we read the signs of the times, we have gone deeper into the pit of what Pope John Paul II coined, “the culture of death.” Here is where Live Life enters. Live Life is an advocacy that promotes the beauty of the culture of life. It aims to spread the Gospel of Life so that each person is reminded of the inviolability of life and the dignity of the human person.

Live Life advocacy is part of the five pillars of Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC).

LCSC is intended for Catholics to meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. It is designed for rapid and massive evangelization, accompanied by the systematic empowerment of laypeople to participate in the work. It is hoped that through this mission, the Church will be able to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization. In this way, the Catholic Church will truly become a missionary Church.

Taking on the challenge from Saint John Paul II, the great champion of a civilization of life and love, Live Life exists to preach the forgotten truth of who we are as human persons and the sublime dignity to all of us endowed with the precious gift of life.



Live Life envisions a world that knows, lives out and witnesses to the Gospel of Life.



Live Life exists to advocate the beauty of marriage, family, and life.


Promote Life

To promote a civilization of life and love to people of every age and culture

Preach the Gospel

To preach the good news of faith, family and life in different settings: parishes, schools, government agencies, companies through the Live Life Forum.


To collaborate with different Pro-life groups in the Church and encourage a continuous awareness of the Pro-Life cause.

Train Volunteers

To gather and train Pro-life volunteers who will champion the cause of faith, family, and life wherever they are.