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C.A.R.E Project

An Initiative of LCSC Pillars and MFC Sections in addressing the need to pastorally care for brethren experiencing Mental Health issues.



Fear, worry, anxiety and stress are normal responses to perceived or real threats. There are instances when we will be faced with such issues, especially due to this pandemic that the whole world finds itself in. Because of the added fear of getting sick and losing a loved one, it is quite understandable that mental health concerns such as these, can greatly affect even the best of us. Faced with new realities of living life in this new normal set-up and due to the lack of physical contact with family and friends, it is important that we look after our mental health.

CARE Project was first conceptualized by the MFC Youth, who offered this initiative to the rest of the community. Partnerships were also already being established by MFC Youth and MFC Singles beforehand, with some religious congregations for their members’ spiritual accompaniment.

At that time too, the Live Life pillar was also already offering Mental Health Awareness and Self-Care forums to parishes, schools, and chapters in MFC as a response to the alarming increase of statistics concerning depression and suicide. A group of Live Life coordinators and volunteers had also already undergone Basic Process Skills training and were hoping to help train more of our community’s servant leaders and missionaries in active listening and processing, to assist them in the pastoral care of their members.

When Covid-19 hit in 2020, the rising need for mental health assistance brought about by the pandemic jump started the efforts of the Live Full (No One in Need) pillar of LCSC, to partner with mental health professionals to provide online counseling services for our brethren.



We are called to act as first responders in caring for those who may be experiencing mental health issues. We will respond to our call to show COMPASSION and love to all those who need it.



With our vision to bring lapsed Catholics back to the Church, we are also called to bridge the gap between those who are qualified to help and those who are in dire need of mental health support. Therefore, we hope to ACCOMPANY them through their difficulties and pray that their journey will lead them to full recovery.



Our brethren who are experiencing stress and anxiety, are going through their own personal trials and challenges that we may not be able to fully understand. Through the CARE Project, we will RESPECT their dignity as human persons, honor them, and relate to them with utmost love, so that they may continue to share their giftedness to others.



In times of trouble, we will need the necessary push to hold on to hope and to be led back into the light. We will ENCOURAGE our brethren who are struggling with their own personal darkness, help rally them with the support and assistance that they need to find their way in overcoming their struggles.

Formation and SuppoRt

We offer formation program for Kids, Youth, Singles and Couples. If you want to know more about the program you can message us, and we will be happy to share it to you. Also, if you are undergoing mental issues and you want someone to accompany you give us a message. You can contact us through email: